Lung cancer – current treatment

Authors: Skřičková J.;  Kadlec B.;  Venclíček O.;  Merta Z.
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika nemocí plicních a TBC LF MU a FN Brno
Published in: Kardiol Rev Int Med 2019, 21(3): 151-158


Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide. Approximately 85% of lung cancers are non-small cell lung cancers, while 15% are small cell lung cancers. Histologically, the following subtypes of non-small cell lung cancer are recognised: adenocarcinoma (38.5% of all lung cancers), squamous cell carcinoma (20%), and large cell carcinoma (3%). Over recent years, the incidence of adenocarcinoma has been increasing. The treatment of non-small cell lung cancer is decided according to clinical stage, morphological dia­gnosis, and the performance status of the patient. Early-stage patients are typically indicated for surgery. In some cases, adjuvant therapy is indicated. In locally advanced and metastatic stages, chemotherapy, bio­logical treatment, and, recently, immunotherapy is indicated. Radiotherapy should also be considered for locally advanced disease. In small cell lung cancer, chemotherapy is the standard of care. Recently, immunotherapy has been successfully used in SCLC. Radiotherapy represents an integral part of treatment in both non-small and small cell lung cancer.


lung cancer – non-small cell lung cancer – small cell lung cancer – bio­logical therapy – radiotherapy


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